MTP Architects

MTP Architects is a multidiscipline organization that provides Architecture, Strategy, Planning and Design Services. Founder and Principal, Millard T. Pratt established the firm in 1998. Mr. Pratt has 20 years of architectural experience in the design and construction of building projects, and leads a highly skilled professional staff experienced in providing architectural and design services for numerous clients and project types.

Utilizing a design philosophy that includes Think, Work, Live and Fun Space design, we strive to enhance our clients’ comfort, satisfaction, aspiration, productivity and wellness. We accomplish this with our expanded practice of deep listening, integrative thinking, experimentation and collaboration. Our target business clients find themselves at a critical moment of transition, whether start up ventures or legacy organizations rethinking their brand, processes and competitive edge. The ensuing design solutions result in environments that support vision, goals and emerging cultures.

MTP Architects employs a critical strategic approach to architectural and design solutions enabling learning about our client’s emerging work patterns when planning corporate interiors, customer experiences when addressing restaurant / hospitality environments and life patterns when undertaking residential work. This approach is grounded in strategic insights that inform a strong, clear concept integrating client aspirations and needs throughout the creative process so that they see themselves in the solution.