Ted Pratt, AIA, LEED AP


Ted PrattMy exposure to diverse cultures is the foundation for my love of the creative process. Raised in Morocco, England and Oklahoma, my studies of economics and architecture have taken me from Boise to Florence. Starting my architecture practice in San Francisco is the culmination of a life long journey. My experiences allow me to rethink traditional approaches and overcome conventional wisdom. A few years ago, I developed a new a way of working with clients to help them address the changing requirements of their business and life. Instead of narrowly focusing on the immediate needs of their project, I help clients create their “Life Space” to improve comfort, satisfaction, aspiration, productivity and wellness.

The purpose of Life Space is simple: help clients design a work, home, or fun space that best enhances their overall well being and satisfaction. For homeowners, it means designing for personal comfort and creating the most impact for their budget. For businesses, I focus on technological efficiencies, flexibility and efficient allocation of space. I always avoid stereotypes and preconceptions. In short, I want my clients’ Life Space to be an extension of themselves.